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Monthly prayer/Reflection

July 2021


Many of us, even when we’re on a spiritual path, forget that divine support is always available to us. It’s really easy to get swept up in the fears of the world, often quite unconsciously.

The solution here is to make it a habit to ask for help!  “Remember that we can’t hear intuitive guidance from the Universe until we’re willing to ask for help. Receiving spiritual guidance requires that we become attuned with the energy of the Universe…. The Universe is always conspiring to support you, guide you, and compassionately lead you toward the highest good…. The moment you surrender, the Universe is there to show you the way.” Instead of letting spiritual surrender be your last-ditch effort, make it your first move! Whenever you feel scared or anxious, don’t know what to do, or that old need to control revs up, just turn it over.

Be conscious about surrendering. A simple prayer or affirmation is all you need. You can say something like, “I’m not sure what to do here. I know there is a spiritual solution and I’m ready to manifest miracles. I’m turning this over. Universe, show me what to do.” You can even write it down so you don’t forget it. Consciously surrender all day long, and in time it will become a habit. You’ll remember that there’s a power far greater than yourself that you can call on at any time.
-Gabrielle Bernstein
In Loving Memory
Silvero Arroyo
1922 - 2019
"Thank you grandpa for teaching us that if we truly want to win our battles, we must fight them with love. When we choose to see our problems with love, we'll always have peace."
Kennya & Juana Lara

 Quality comes from experience

Mundus Office Cleaning is well known for its professional, thorough and cost-efficient cleaning services. We come highly recommended by a growing number of customers.

What our customers say about our work

We have used Mundus Cleaning Services at my office for several years. I am a dentist and I need my office super clean...especially nowadays! Kennya and her crew have always done a wonderful job for me and I would recommend them to anyone!

-Kris Jorgensen


Everything we need in an office cleaning service. Punctual, trustworthy, pleasant and very good at their job.

-Fiona Creighton


five star google review

-Kim Anderson


Kennya is professional and does a great job. Open to accommodating our specific needs. Highly Recommended.

-Matthew Parks


These ladies are the absolute best! They do such a wonderful job cleaning the office and go above and beyond what I could expect.

-christina wagstaff


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