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Monthly prayer/Reflection

March 2020


Many of us, even when we’re on a spiritual path, forget that divine support is always available to us. It’s really easy to get swept up in the fears of the world, often quite unconsciously.

The solution here is to make it a habit to ask for help!  “Remember that we can’t hear intuitive guidance from the Universe until we’re willing to ask for help. Receiving spiritual guidance requires that we become attuned with the energy of the Universe…. The Universe is always conspiring to support you, guide you, and compassionately lead you toward the highest good…. The moment you surrender, the Universe is there to show you the way.” Instead of letting spiritual surrender be your last-ditch effort, make it your first move! Whenever you feel scared or anxious, don’t know what to do, or that old need to control revs up, just turn it over.

Be conscious about surrendering. A simple prayer or affirmation is all you need. You can say something like, “I’m not sure what to do here. I know there is a spiritual solution and I’m ready to manifest miracles. I’m turning this over. Universe, show me what to do.” You can even write it down so you don’t forget it. Consciously surrender all day long, and in time it will become a habit. You’ll remember that there’s a power far greater than yourself that you can call on at any time.
-Gabrielle Bernstein
In Loving Memory
Silvero Arroyo
1922 - 2019
"Thank you grandpa for teaching us that if we truly want to win our battles, we must fight them with love. When we choose to see our problems with love, we'll always have peace."
Kennya & Juana Lara

Five steps to overcome any struggle in life

Practice these five steps for 3-6 months and witness your struggle slowly disappear. Miracles will start to happen!

Five steps to overcome any struggle in life

Step One: Choose to see your struggle with love. When you catch yourself using anger, revenge, bitterness, or self-pity to resolve your struggle, in that moment say out loud “I choose to see this struggle with love.”  Use this sentence every time you want to fight your struggle with anything that is not love. In the beginning you might not feel any better but stick to it. Within a few months you will start to feel better. 

"When you're struggling, it can seem like you're living in darkness, with only fleeting moments of light. But as we add up little right actions, over time something big happens... We begin living in the LIGHT, with only fleeting moments of darkness." -Gabrielle Bernstein


Step Two: Manifest how you want to feel. Think about how would you feel if you didn’t have this struggle in your life. Most likely you would feel happier, at peace, more relax. Hold these feelings and go through your day feeling like your struggle isn’t there no more. “When manifesting, you cannot let your outside world dictate your internal condition. Hold the energy of what you desire, and let the outside world reflect the amazingness you feel inside.”  - Gabrielle Bernstein


 Step Three: Ask for a sign from God/Universe. Trust that if you’re reading this it’s a sign that you desire to finally overcome your struggle. These steps could be the answer to your prayer. Also ask for help from God/Universe. When you ask for help, you’re no longer fighting this struggle alone. When we ask, we will always receive. Also ask a friend for help. Talk about your struggle with a friend that is open to helping you. You could even practice these steps with a friend that is also going through a struggle. Practicing these steps with a friend will seem less scary.  “The Universe will do for us what we can’t do for ourselves.” - Gabrielle Bernstein


Step Four: When you think you’ve surrender, surrender even more. Don’t pray for the outcome you desire. Instead pray you receive what is best for you. We will always have desires in life, but it’s important to always surrender our desires to God. How and when you will get your desire is what you need to surrender. If God thinks that the desire you want is not best for you, then trust that God will gently change your desire for a new desire.  When we start to control or manipulate our desires, we start to lose our peace of mind. We start getting in the way of God’s plan. “When you’ve done everything you could, surrender.” - Gabrielle Bernstein


Step Five: Gratitude is the most important step to overcoming any struggle. Focus more on what’s already working for you. When you focus more on the good things that you already have, you create more of those good things. You no longer will be putting out energy of “I don’t have it”, instead you can create more energy of “I do have it.” The energy we put out into the universe is the same energy we get back into our life. Practice keeping a gratitude journal. This journal will force you so that you’re grateful every day, even on your worst days. You’ll be amazed how a little gratitude every day can make your struggle slowly disappear.  “Whatever you appreciate you create more of. In a state of appreciation you’re relaxed, surrendered and faithful. That is the perfect energy for allowing your desires to come into form. When you’re aligned with appreciation you can surrender your desires to the Universe and trust in a plan beyond your own.” - Gabrielle Bernstein


When your fear wants to creep in or when you start to focus on your low-vibe sad story, remember these five steps.  Remember it’s not about trying to do these five steps perfectly. It’s about always willing to try. It’s not your lack of fear that will help you overcome your struggle, it’s your willingness to keep trying these five steps. God sees your efforts!


For more guidance read Gabrielle Bernstein book “The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith.”

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